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Re: what's the diff between 'aptitude upgrade' and 'aptitude dist-upgrade'?

cwinl wrote:
hi all,
i'm confused about several aptitude param.
thank you all.

I see that while dist-upgrade is documented in the aptitude documentation, it is not mentioned in the manual page.

The aptitude manual page references the apt-get manual page ('man apt-get'). I suggest you take a look at that. The command descriptions are more complete, and as far as I am aware, accurate for aptitude as well. The differences between upgrade and dist-upgrade are described there as well as I could explain them to you.

Note that the difference _is_ well documented in the aptitude documentation as well. You just have to look further. As you can see, the full aptitude documentation is referenced in the See Also section of the manual page as:

An equally adequate reference is available as:


If you still have questions about the respective behavior of these commands, feel free to ask.


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