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Re: Mono tutorial --> gtk-sharp?

#include <hallo.h>
* Tom [Sat, Jul 03 2004, 02:16:11AM]:

> Today, I thought I'd give the Mono/Gtk# tutorial at 
> www.gotmono.com/docs/gnome/bindings/gtk-sharp/getstart.html a shot, but 
> compiling the very first tiny example yields errors (about not finding 
> the assemblies 'gtk-sharp.dll' and 'glib-sharp.dll'. 

Don't follow deprecated guides. This method did work with alpha versions
of Mono when all .dll and .so files have been thrown into /usr/lib but
does not work anymore.

Nowadays, run:

mcs helloworld.cs /pkg:gtk-sharp

> By now, I must have installed anything available in sid. The gtk-sharp 
> package itself refers to both libgtk-cil and libglib-cil. Those are 
> installed just fine.

Yup, better use Sid (and wait till tommorow when Mono 1.0 appears on

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