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Re: Printing problems with mozilla

On Thursday 01 July 2004 7:06 am, Wayne Topa wrote:
> I am not using cups so this may not help.
> My firefox stopped printing after the last upgrade and I had to
> install xprt-xprintorg & xprt-common.  I also could not find any
> printers.  After much reading I finally got it working by adding
> this to my .bash_profile.
> XPSERVERLIST="`/etc/init.d/xprint get_xpserverlist`"
> export LPDEST="lp+"

It looks like xprint is dying silently on startup. It's not found
using ps, though no errors show on daemon restart.

I just said heck with it and downgraded to 1.6, WTF do
I need to run two seperate print daemons? Fsck me gently
with a chainsaw, but between that and getting rid of Postscript
printing; it adds up to an asinine decision on the parts of the devels. 
(And 99.5% of the time I agree with their decisions.)

Bah, it prints and browses webpages. Thats all I need it to do.
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