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Re: Comparision presentation of Debian with RedHat

On 06/30/04 09:00, Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:
Dear Users, I need a little help. We are an ISP and running RedHat
distribution on our servers. I want to migrate them to Debian
gradually because of the excellent features that Debian provides like
policy, package management, release cycle, security updates and many
more. I'm looking for a presentation on "Differences between RedHat
and Debian" so as to convince my management. I'd be thankful if
anyone could help me in this regard.

TIA, rrs

Have you searched the net?  :)

Here's something from this list that may be useful for you, though not mentioning red hat:


> Subject: Re: Before going with debian questions.

Also from the above thread, but some content is old:


 What Are The Main Differences Between RH & Debian?

Good luck!

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