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Re: Both apache and apache2 (sarge) ?

  sk> Apache2 comes in several variants depending on which MPM
  sk> (multi-processing module) has been compiled in.
  sk> There is an MPM called the "prefork MPM" that essentially
  sk> behaves like Apache1, in that a pool of *processes* is
  sk> created.

Yes, that's the version that installed by default:

       apache2-mpm-prefork  2.0.49-1

  sk> Provided you are using the "prefork" mode for apache2, and can
  sk> find an appropriate apache2 module for PHP, it *should* work.

Hmmm ... I could do that, but what about managing this approach with apt-get?
I'm doing my best to try and stick with "official", Debian procedures
(rather than _ad hoc_).

I guess another solution -- that would probably work OK with apt-get
-- is to just install 'apache'.  Seems preferable, however, to use the
newer Apache version ...

Thanks for your ideas!


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