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Re: ntp configuration

On Mon, 2004-06-28 at 17:01, Bob Proulx wrote:
> blm@ingwaz.pair.com wrote:
> > In short, I reckon the ntp stuff needs more documentation especially 
> > about the debian specific stuff.  Is this valid?
> Yes.  But I assume you are running stable.  If sid ever gets out the
> door you will see some significant updates and improvements in NTP. 

I am on sid, and I find it particularly challenging. Man pages point to
HTML docs, which are not like man pages - in fact they get into so much
background, that just configuring it for (my, or any as I can tell)
specific scenario takes ages - of reading through the background

I have to agree with Ben here - even for sid. Yes there's a great
quantity of documentation, and that is a lot better than none :) But
it's not as convenient as "regular debian" documentation - not by a long

Even after quite a few emails of support from this list (and thanks very
much to those who helped) I still can't get my laptop to sync with my

> > that the server configuration comes from /etc/default/ntpupdate.  
> > Now I understand that /etc/default is an important dir tree for 
> > debian configuration but it would have been nice to go man ntpupdate 
> > and see /etc/default/ntpupdate in the FILES section of a man page 
> > for ntpupdate. Does anyone agree?

I agree.

Once you get used to this "standard" though (probably in Debian
Administrators Guide) it will be one of the first places you look. The
other is:

/usr/share/doc/[package]/examples/<example rc and et al files>

> In the latest ntp configuration the file is /etc/default/ntpdate.  So
> your problem is already fixed and will be in the next Debian release.

I think you just missed what he was saying - not there there is a file
missing in /etc/default, but that he didn't know that there was a file
in /etc/default in the first place, and that the man page should have
included that bit of information.

> One of the reasons I know about the ntp changes is that I was tracking
> down a different problem.  Checking against unstable I could see much
> activity there.

I do hope ntp gets a little easier - I've been "absorbing" it for may be
two and a half years now, and still find little things (if you can call
ntp 'little') quite frustrating on occasion.

I'm very happy I can "compute in freedom" though :)


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