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Re: Debian on a small PC?

On Thursday 17 June 2004 17:59, Silvan wrote:
> > computing/mapping on a more powerfull computer) and maybe a OBDII
> > interface (it will go in a car).
> OBDII interface?  Is there something like that available for Linux?

Take a look here http://freediag.sourceforge.net/
If you look around, you'll find a couple of hardware interface and how to 
build them.

> I finally moved into the 21st century (or the latter half of the 20th
> anyway) and bought a car with the new computer flummies on it.  It would be
> cool if I could talk to it with my computer.

The ODBII interface in the cars can be used to get information only.
This site also have good info on ODBII http://obddiagnostics.com/

> Not that this answers your question, mind you, but I really am curious.
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