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Re: Pros/Cons Kde vs Gnome?

Edward Murrell escribió:

On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 09:10, Cecil wrote:
I am curious as to what the pros and cons would be of picking just one desktop and deleting the other. Please tell me which you prefer, and resons why. I have bothe kde and gnome now. Thanks,


You can install and/or try them both ( you can use http://www.morphix.org liveCDs to try the Gnome CD and the KDE CD). Later, you can definetively use the best for you.

It's really a case of how much you want to fiddle with things. KDE is
big on options. GNOME is big on setting the defaults for you (which by
and large, I prefer, with the exception of that weird ass spatial
nautilus thing).

Yes, I would like to see in Nautilus the option "Get root", to get root in Nautilus ( introducing the password, like in a root terminal ).


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