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Re: NEC2080UX+ - "Supported Future Video Modes"

On Wed, 2004-06-09 at 11:56, Alvin Oga wrote:
> > > than try 1280x1024
> > > than try 1600x1200
> > > 
> > > use only one resolution so you know the screen size is supposed to be
> > > as you defined
> > > 	xdpyinfo | grep dimension
> > 
> > All the following tests are with Xinerama, so xdpyinfo returned twice a
> > single screens width for each test resp..
> umm ....
> use one monitor... see what the maximum resolutions it'd support
> 	- use one resolution at a time
> 	1024x768, than try 1280x1024, than try 1600x1200 etc

Hmm ... they are both 'supposed' to support 1600x1200. That's why I
got my previous work (may be nearly 3 years ago now) to get me this DELL
laptop, since I can see rather well, even when running a nice small 9pt
neep font or similar, at 1600 res, on this 15" laptop screen.

"But you're not normal" my brother said to me once.

Anyway, the point is, I need this for programming, and the laptop was
just getting too crowded (I know, I know, I should be grateful for the
original 1600x1200 screen right - well I am, but I need more OK :)

So, no point having two screens with different resolutions - null
regions and the like. And now that 20" LCDs are finally reaching
1600x1200, I thought "perfect opportunity".

So, thus my emails and attempts to get it to 1600.

I know I can run it at 1200, but if I run both at 1200, I get only 2400
total desktop width, as opposed to 3200 which I _should_ be able to get
- which is 800 pixels narrower! Which almost defeats the purpose of
getting a second monitor (you see, I want to have 6 xterms side by side
- the most I can get right now is three (on one monitor) all running

Surely that's not too much to ask?

> > 1280x1024 works for both screens.
> bingo ... if you want both sceens to be teh same size fonts, etc...
> thats what you're stuck with

The question is why can't XFree drive it at 1600?
> ##
> ## make sure that the kernel DRI drivers are set for both svga controllers
> ##

How to? Or doco link/ man page?

Also, I have a single laptop driving all this - ie. it's an ATI Radeon
Mobility 7500 from 2 to 3 years ago. So I'm running the external LCD on
the laptops VGA port.

> > 1600x1200 internal works, external not - but not shimmering, but looks
> > like it's trying to render 1600 pixels at only 1280, and doing a
> > particularly bad job of antialiasing or something: so it's almost
> > impossible to read.
> if 1600x1200 only works on one but not the other, get a better monitor ??
> 	- if its a external monitor, it's easy to upgrade

The SONY works. The LCD should - it's brand new yesterday, 20.1",
1600x1200 res - you don't get much better than that (except perhaps the
IBM/Viewsonic 22" widescreen at 3840x2400 resolution - albeit at about
$12,000 RRP Australian :),

and the doco/ specs for this new external LCD says it should support
1600x1200 at 60Hz. The question is how to drive it with XF86.

> 	- if its the laptop lcd doesn't go fast enuff... it's a problem,
> 	but luckily, that is not the case here

Yes, I've been very grateful for my internal 1600 over the last few
years :).

> > Perhaps XF86 is somehow trying to display 1600 at higher-than-60Hz ??
> > The LCD can only display 1600x1200 at 60Hz according to the manual,
> > which is also its native and "optimal" resolution.
> which is good..

So how do I get XFree, if it is attempting to over-drive, to pull back
to 60Hz refresh?

> > > 	- check the dpms too
> > 
> > How do I check this?
> comment it out is all i as thinking ..

Yeah, tried that. No effect at all. In fact DPMS and sync and refresh
settings can all seem to be commented out to absolutely no effect
(positive or negative).
> > > wrong setting for old fashion crt tube might let out the nice blue
> > > perfume, after which, it wont work anymore
> > 
> > Good to know.
> nite-nite time 4 me
> alvin

Cheers - thanks for your help. It's been a while so you must
definitely be asleep at this point. Perhaps someone else can
chime in.

Just as a refresher, these bits, as I posted previously, of my
XFree logs, stand out rather strongly to me, suggesting there
might be a way to get 1600x1200...:

(II) RADEON(0): Supported Future Video Modes:
(II) RADEON(0): #0: hsize: 640  vsize 480  refresh: 85  vid: 22833
(II) RADEON(0): #1: hsize: 800  vsize 600  refresh: 85  vid: 22853
(II) RADEON(0): #2: hsize: 1024  vsize 768  refresh: 85  vid: 22881
(II) RADEON(0): #3: hsize: 1152  vsize 864  refresh: 75  vid: 20337
(II) RADEON(0): #4: hsize: 1280  vsize 960  refresh: 75  vid: 20353
(II) RADEON(0): #5: hsize: 1280  vsize 1024  refresh: 60  vid: 32897
(II) RADEON(0): #6: hsize: 1280  vsize 1024  refresh: 85  vid: 39297
(II) RADEON(0): #7: hsize: 1600  vsize 1200  refresh: 60  vid: 16553
(II) RADEON(0): Supported additional Video Mode:
(II) RADEON(0): clock: 162.0 MHz   Image Size:  408 x 306 mm
(II) RADEON(0): h_active: 1600  h_sync: 1664  h_sync_end 1856
h_blank_end 2160 h_border: 0

(II) RADEON(0): v_active: 1200  v_sync: 1201  v_sync_end 1204
v_blanking: 1250 v_border: 0

(II) RADEON(0): Ranges: V min: 48  V max: 87 Hz, H min: 30  H max: 96
kHz, PixClock max 170 MHz
(II) RADEON(0): Monitor name: LCD2080UX+
(II) RADEON(0): Serial No: 44106076YB
(II) RADEON(0): End of Monitor2 EDID data --------------------

If anyone knows if its possible to turn the above numbers into
something sensible that will get XFree86 to drive my LCD, that
just might do the trick...


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