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Re: ext3 and charsets

> Is it the iocharset option for the iso9660 filesystem that you need
> (when you read the CD's)?
Not cd problem (audio cd), I have to enter cyrillic into kaudiocreator, 
because russion cds are not in cddb.

> Just to clarify...you have the filenames on an ext3 and the charset has
> already been garbled?  Or is it a problem with your locale setting that
> won't properly display the characters?
As I found out now, the problem starts with konqi, and I cannot input any 
cyrillich character. I have to find out what's missing (fonts...?). Lets see.

> (Still new to all these locale settings, so I apologize if these are
>  stupid questions.)
I'm as stupid as you. Until now I used Suse, and Suse knows what user 
likes :-) With 9.1 it was possible for the first time to use cyrillic chars 
in file names within all programs (kate to edit m3u, kaudiocreator to enter 
the cd data, juk to put the collections together...). 

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