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Re: ext3 and charsets

Am Sonntag, 6. Juni 2004 21:08 schrieb Adam Aube:
> J. Preiss wrote:
> > I just "updated" from Suse 9.1 to debian testing, therefore I'm wondering
> > how to change the mount charset of ext3 devices. I tried to use the suse
> > feature "charset=utf8" in fstab, but this seems not to be recognized.
> According to the man page for mount, that option does not exist.

I didnt find it either :-) The problem is, that on my suse 9.1 installation it 
worked great with this option. Unfortunately I decided to change to debian, 
so I cannot compare...

> > The problem is, that I read about 200 cds with kaudiocreator and sorted
> > them with juke, among them are about 20 russian cds with cyrillic titles.
> Are these audio or data CDs? If audio, then ext3 won't be an issue. FWIW,
> the only filesystem I've seen have problems with UTF-8 is jfs, which has a
> mount option to enable UTF-8.

The main problem now is that I already read a few audio cds with cyrillic 
names (and umlauts) to my ext3 partition, but the file names are not readable 
anymore. Its clear that I cant play them with juke...

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