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Re: ext3 and charsets

J. Preiss wrote:

> I just "updated" from Suse 9.1 to debian testing, therefore I'm wondering
> how to change the mount charset of ext3 devices. I tried to use the suse
> feature "charset=utf8" in fstab, but this seems not to be recognized.

According to the man page for mount, that option does not exist.

> The problem is, that I read about 200 cds with kaudiocreator and sorted
> them with juke, among them are about 20 russian cds with cyrillic titles.

Are these audio or data CDs? If audio, then ext3 won't be an issue. FWIW,
the only filesystem I've seen have problems with UTF-8 is jfs, which has a
mount option to enable UTF-8.


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