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Re: Which Debian version?

Luis R. Rojas wrote:

the issues i face are :
ntfs or fat32 File System Support ( i come from windows and have a hard
disk with info i cant access anymore )
NVidia GeForce4 Ti 4600 Drivers ( hey if i got the card i want to use it )
PPTP VPN capability ( Anybody know how to implement this? The
configuration file is in my Windows HarDrive wich i cant acces yet but i
am sure i can get the info from my ISP )
SoundBlaster Audigy Drivers ( no audio whatsoever in linux, alsa support
perhaps? )
HighMem Support ( i heard is not worth it as i only have 1GB of RAM but it
would be nice to know how fix this in case i increase my memory )

Most, if not all, of your issues would be resolved by a kernel recompile. I would recommend going with 2.4 kernel series to start with, just because it's better known and you're likely to have less problems to start with, but 2.6 should also fix your problems if you feel adventurous.

- NTFS and FAT filesystem support needs to be enabled in the kernel (i think FAT is by default, but I'm not 100% sure of that.) - NVidia drivers come up on the list, search the debian-user list archives and you'll find help on that. check http://lists.debian.org/search - PPTP VPN I have no idea, although I would love to know as well, I'm fairly sure that there's a kernel module that needs to be configured and a client program that you need to use. - audigy cards work well with ALSA, check http://basic-rip.co.uk/tenpin/linux_audigy_faq.html for instructions w/r/t 2.6 kernels (I think the instructions are also good for 2.4 kernels, but i'm not sure.) - large amounts of RAM need to be enabled in a compiled kernel; you might be able to just pass the amount of RAM to the kernel at the linux: boot prompt.

David Piniella
University of Miami

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