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Re: Which Debian version?

Brian Ronk wrote:

> I am setting up a computer with Debian, and want to know if there is a
> better version to try.  Basically, stable vs testing version.  Would one
> work better than the other.

Actually, as recent discussion on the list showed, the real choice is
between Stable and Unstable. When Testing breaks (which has happened more
than once in recent months), it can take weeks or months to fix, and it
doesn't get security updates in a timely fashion.

> The computer is a Compaq Proliant 1850R.  It is a Dual Pentium 3 600 Mhz
> with 265 MB of RAM, onboard nic, SCSI.  The hard drives are a hardware

If it's a production server or a test for a rollout onto production servers,
run Stable. You seem to have older hardware, so Woody should install on it.
I would suggest using the "bf24" option to install a 2.4 kernel.


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