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Re: Which Debian version?

Adam Aube said:
> Brian Ronk wrote:
>> I am setting up a computer with Debian, and want to know if there is a
>> better version to try.  Basically, stable vs testing version.  Would one
>> work better than the other.
> Actually, as recent discussion on the list showed, the real choice is
> between Stable and Unstable. When Testing breaks (which has happened more
> than once in recent months), it can take weeks or months to fix, and it
> doesn't get security updates in a timely fashion.
Well, i am in a similar situation, is just that i went ahead and installed
from the net-install ISO images for Debian 'Sarge' BETA-4. All i can say
is that after spending about 8 hours with the machine installing from the
net, i expected a more clean install. as it turns out, i haven trying to
tweak the settings and see if i can get my system to respond, among other
critical and not-so-critical things. ( if anybody care to take a peek at a
dump of some diagnostics please do so at
"http://lhabia.com/lrrm/ts-report.txt";, maybe somebody will give me a clue

I have been considering trying to install Woody 3.0r1 and upgrade
afterwards to 3.0r2 ( this bad is been with Sarge ), but i am afraid i
will just encounter more of the same. This is not trolling, is a cry for

the issues i face are :
ntfs or fat32 File System Support ( i come from windows and have a hard
disk with info i cant access anymore )
NVidia GeForce4 Ti 4600 Drivers ( hey if i got the card i want to use it )
PPTP VPN capability ( Anybody know how to implement this? The
configuration file is in my Windows HarDrive wich i cant acces yet but i
am sure i can get the info from my ISP )
SoundBlaster Audigy Drivers ( no audio whatsoever in linux, alsa support
perhaps? )
HighMem Support ( i heard is not worth it as i only have 1GB of RAM but it
would be nice to know how fix this in case i increase my memory )

>> The computer is a Compaq Proliant 1850R.  It is a Dual Pentium 3 600 Mhz
>> with 265 MB of RAM, onboard nic, SCSI.  The hard drives are a hardware
>> SCSI RAID, 17 GB.
> If it's a production server or a test for a rollout onto production
> servers,
> run Stable. You seem to have older hardware, so Woody should install on
> it.
> I would suggest using the "bf24" option to install a 2.4 kernel.
> Adam
bf24 seems to give lots of headaches in my system, specially if i try to
use the NVidia Installer for its drivers.

sic transit gloria fenestrae

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