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Re: Typical partition table for Debian?

Thus spake shrevie@ntnation.com:
# What's a "typical" partition table look like for a Debian box?
# I thought that the minimum would be:
# /boot   around 100-200 mb
# swap    around 1-2x RAM (in this case, 2 gig)
# /	everything else...

This is typical, but not the minimum requirement.  All you really need is swap
and /.  /boot can simply be a directory on the / partition if it doesn't have its
own partition.  The system will still run that way, which is, I guess why Debian
sets it up that way automatically.


# The problem that I'm trying to track down is with the Beta 4 Debian 
# Installer and it appears that it DOESN'T create the /boot partition when 
# you let it partition automatically.....
# Instead, it creates just:
# swap    around 1-2x RAM (in this case, 2 gig)
# /	everything else...
# Notice no /boot partition at all.... so where would Grub and the kernel be?

This is fine.  The kernel and GRUB don't have to live on their own partition.  I
just put Debian on my new laptop, and it partitioned my disk the same way,
because I just didn't feel like fooling with all those partitions yesterday.  It
is working flawlessly today, and I don't have to worry about outgrowing any of my
partitions, although I was a little partial to /boot having /dev/hda1 as well.


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