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Re: xfs and cyrillic

Incoming from Glenn Meehan:
> I am getting the following line in /var/log/messages on start up.
> xfs: ignoring font path element /usr/lib/X11/fonts/cyrillic/
> (unreadable) 
> The directory: "/usr/lib/X11/fonts/cyrillic/" does not exist.
> I don't need cyrillic fonts.
> How can I make the message go away?

As root, "vi /etc/X11/XF86Config-4"

In vi, type "/cyrillic" followed by the "Enter" key.

Assuming that lands the cursor on the line you mention above, hit "^"
then "i" then "#" then "<ESC>" then "ZZ".  The line should end up
looking like:

        # FontPath     "/usr/lib/X11/fonts/cyrillic"

Re-start X (log out of X Window, then log back in).

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