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Re: Getting autofs to work.

R. Clayton wrote:
> I've installed autofs 

I think you are trying to set up something like 'supermount'

>   $ cat /etc/auto.master 
>   /media /etc/auto.media

I think using /media for the automount directory is a very bad idea.
You are bound to run into conflicts later because /media is in the
latest FHS as a media mount point.

>   $ cat /etc/auto.media

Look at /etc/auto.misc for a shipped example setting up automount for
the floppy and other devices.  They use the strange mount location of
/var/autofs/misc but you can move that wherever you like.

> Assuming I didn't know what noauto meant, I commented out those entries in
> /etc/fstab

The /etc/fstab is for mounts other than autofs mounts.  That is so the
either the system will mount it at boot time or the user can mount it
later.  "Don't cross the beams."


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