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Re: help on a script

On Sat, 2004-06-05 at 06:48, Computer Nick wrote:
> Ive never used a cron job before or written that big of a script and was
> hoping someone on this list could help me out, and tell me if it can be done
> or not.  I want to make a script that once a week, tar up my mail on my mail
> server, copy it to another drive and send it to another machine over the
> internet as a second backup, like on Sunday at 11pm.  Is there a way to do
> this and if so how? Has anyone already made something like this that they
> could send me to look at? any help would be greatly appreciated. 

The script (let's call it /usr/local/bin/mail-backup).  Substitute real
values for the bits in square brackets:

        #! /bin/bash
        BACKUP_DIR=[backup directory]
        tar czf $BACKUP_DIR/mail.backup.tar.gz [mail directory name]
        scp $BACKUP_DIR/mail.backup.tar.gz [other machine]:[target directory name]

Make the script executable and make sure the user under whose uid it
will run is able to connect with ssh without supplying a password.

In /etc/crontab:

        01  23  *  *  Sunday  [username] /usr/local/bin/mail-backup

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