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Re: Making new installations

* Ross Boylan (RossBoylan@stanfordalumni.org)[20040604
> I have an installed Debian system, and am interested in making some
> more.  I'm interested in both new installs and chroots.  I realize
> these may have somewhat different solutions.
> As for making a new install, I see two options: I can run the debian
> installer or deboostrap.
> Are there other options?
> Both the options I know want to pull in debs, but I already have them
> on my system.  Is there some way to get it to use them?  As far as I
> can tell, the usual format for a debian archive is different from that
> of apt's cache that has the debs on my system.

If you'll be running multiple debian machines at a site, I
highly recommend apt-proxy.  Configure one machine as an apt
proxy and point all of the other machines' sources.list at
it.  Then you only download each package once, on demand
(rather than creating a whole local mirror) and it's all
very transparent.

As for your bootstrapping issue, take a look inside
debootstrap; it's a shell script.  It already includes an
option to unpack a tarball instead of downloading packages
via http.  You could also set up your own web server and
edit the MIRRORS line in debootstrap to point at it.

good times,

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