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Re: OT - trivial programming language

Kai Grossjohann wrote:
> Steve Lamb <grey@dmiyu.org> writes:

>>    Well, of course it would, You used nothing but tabs to achieve the
>>alignment you wanted.  There's no mixing of spaces and tabs.

> There IS mixing of tabs and spaces.  It seems there is a
> misunderstanding.

> In the following, I will use "--->" to show a tab and "_" to show a
> (leading) space.

> for(;;) {
> --->if (a == b) {
> --->--->some_long_function_name(a,
> --->--->________________________b);
> --->}
> }

    Uck, nasty.  Give me nothing but spaces, please, because there will be
problems in that setup.

> I apologize for inadvertently using a multiple of 8 chars in the name
> "some_long_function_name".

> Oh, wait!  The name is 23 chars long.  Hm.

    some_long)function_name( is 24.  You forgot the opening paren.

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