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Re: no gui

jack kinnon wrote:

Hi folks,
My problem is getting worse. Now I can't go into gui, whether it's xdm or kdm. Before this, IIRC, I did a 'make' instead of 'make World' while building xfree86 4.3.0. Now when I do a 'startx' it would try to go into gui (screen re-sync) but return to command-line mode. When I do a
'startx >& xdm.log' and examine the log, there's no error.
What's wrong?

My first guess is that it's not finding any clients to run (such as a window manager, or an xterm), and is thus quitting. Create/edit ~/.xinitrc and add "icewm" or "wmaker" or "xterm" as a single line, and try again.


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