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Re: Help fixing 'Sarge' Install

On Thursday 03 June 2004 10:37 pm, Kent West wrote:
> Luis Rojas wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > i posted early as a reply to a thread i thought was related to my
> > issues, i am making a new post to make things easier to respond and
> > explain better what is going on with my system.
> >
> > The main issue i am experiencing is general unresponsiveness on part
> > of kde ( when i am using the console without logging to X first, i
> > have no trouble that i can notice ). The kind of unresponsiveness i am
> > talking abut is Jumpy pointer, screen redraws taking a long time,
> > system seems to freeze temporarily, buttons in the gui dont recognize
> > clicking on them, aplications launching twice after even a single
> > click, etc.
> >
> > i put into a file the information i thought could be usefull for
> > determining what is going on with my system. It can be found at
> > http://lhabia.com/lrrm/ts-report.txt
> >
> > I would apreciate it, if any body could take a look at the file and
> > give me a hand trying to figure out how to fix my Box.
> >
> > Thanks in advance,
> >
> > Luis
> When I first read this post my first thought was "add RAM", but
> according to your link, I'm guessing you have a GB or so, which ought to
> be plenty for average use. Still, I'm not sure of the meaning of these
> lines:
> >Warning only 896MB will be used.
> >Use a HIGHMEM enabled kernel.
> >896MB LOWMEM available.

As far as i know, this means the kernel was not compiled with support for highmem.
Since there seems to be two schools of thought regarding this issue, maybe
somebody will try to put the record straight. The two advices i have gotten
are one, to leave it like that, the increase in ram is not worth the performance hit.
two, to recompile, this will increase performance for pagin and such.

> My next thought was that you should try something other than KDE, just to
> see if KDE might be the culprit. I'd try something simple, like icewm, ion,
> wmaker, etc.

i am answering this post from gnome, and it seems to behabe more in line with
the expectations i have for my system, still i get small freezes and some
erratic movement in mouse and clicking.

> My third thought was DMA and/or 32-bit addressing on your hard drive (but
> not particularly likely). Still, you might want to take a look at hdparm.

what package is hdparm under, is it a standard thing? because it didnt got
installed with sarge.

> My fourth thought was that perhaps since you have two mice sections, that
> might be confusing X. Again, not likely, but maybe.

same problem, didnt solve it!

> And my last thought was "Oh no, he has a gun! And he's pulling the trig --
> augh-gh-gh-ck" thud.
> Okay, not really; my last thought was about making some lame joke about "my
> last thought."
> Wait, no, my last thought was about explaining about making a joke about
> ... oh, never mind.
> --
> Kent

if things keep going like this, i will be playing taht roulete soon ;) (j/k)
thanks for trying tho.


sic transit gloria fenestrae

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