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trouble installing kde

I'm sure that I'm just suffering from newbitis and I apologize.  I'm
trying to install kde on sarge.  I have done apt-get kde.  I have the
first 4 cds and everything installed with no problem and only a few
items required to download.  When I tried startkde I got something

xset: unable to open display
xsetwin[??]: unable to open display

kwin: unable to connect X server
kpersonalize[??]: unable to connect to X server

(Sorry that I don't have the exact error messages, just the notes that
I scrawled down.)

After some googling I found that xserver-xfree86 was not installed.  I
put that in and did a apt-get dist-upgrade just to be sure. 
Everything was fine but no kde and same errors.  I did a
dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 which gave me a lot of dialogs that I
hadn't seen before, but I still cannot start kde.

Can anyone give me any ideas what to pursue here?  It's a bit
difficult because I'm dual-booting, so without kde or any other gui, I
can't get online to browse for answers (except for lynx, which I can
use for a bit, but I'm pretty spoiled on having firefox open with a
dozen tabs with different solutions...).  Again, my apologies if I
just need to RTFM.  If someone could point me to the correct FM I'd
really appreciate it!


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