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Help fixing 'Sarge' Install

Hi all,

i posted early as a reply to a thread i thought was related to my issues, i am making a new post to make things easier to respond and explain better what is going on with my system.

The main issue i am experiencing is general unresponsiveness on part of kde ( when i am using the console without logging to X first, i have no trouble that i can notice ). The kind of unresponsiveness i am talking abut is Jumpy pointer, screen redraws taking a long time, system seems to freeze temporarily, buttons in the gui dont recognize clicking on them, aplications launching twice after even a single click, etc.

i put into a file the information i thought could be usefull for determining what is going on with my system. It can be found at http://lhabia.com/lrrm/ts-report.txt

I would apreciate it, if any body could take a look at the file and give me a hand trying to figure out how to fix my Box.

Thanks in advance,


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