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Re: what happened to KDE?

On Thu, 2004-06-03 at 22:32, Tom Kuiper wrote:
> I few hours ago I upgraded the "unstable" version (2.4.20 kernel) with
> 'dselect' and found that a KDE log-in session was no longer an option.
> I've tried to force it back in but all that did was mess up Gnome a little.
> For example, the upper task bar is gone and the lower is empty.  I can
> probably fix that, but I really want KDE back.  Does anyone have any
> suggestions?

This has already been discussed on the list (look for threads about
cupsys and KDE). Its a known dependency problem due to libcupsys2 and
gnutls being upgraded.
kdelibs4 depends on an old version of libcupsys which is no longer
Solution is to nab the libcupsys2 from 'testing' and install that (but I
think you'll have no Gnome unless you use the 'testing' packages) or
recompile kdelibs4 against the latest libcupsys2-dev package.

The problem's been around for about a week now and the maintainers are
well aware of it. Someone mentioned in a previous thread that the
specific maintatiner for kdelibs has been ill which explains why its
taking so long.


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