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> From: "J M" <millionmillionaires@hotmail.com>
> To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
> Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2004 12:25:44 -0800
> Debian won't boot, here's the synopsis of the problem:  Most recently the 
> computer began crashing simple programs such as Abiword when attempting to 
> save as well as do other moderate tasks.  Up until now, the OS has not given 
> me any trouble (had it for roughly 9 mo).  The other night, Debian decided 
> not to boot, and started giving me attitude.  The debian load screen comes 
> up, and the OS begins loading linux.bin off of the boot disk i use, it then 
> quits and says that it failed to load the kernel, and it says I must 
> 'switch' disk and retry, or eject the disk and press 'restart'.

It sounds to me like your hard disk has failed.  You might try using a
rescue floppy and see if you can mount that disk.  Maybe you can
recover something.

I recommend that you use smartmon to monitor the health of your disks.
See Linux Journal a few months back.
> The only thing that I have done wrong is accidentally ejecting a disk 
> without unmounting (did this the day be4 the com wouldn't boot).  Don't know 
> what OS i have, believe is is ver 2.88 (it's the version which was most 
> recent about 9 mo ago- when i got it).  Any help is appreciated thx!
I don't think ejecting an unmounted disk is the cause.  I've done that too.


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