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J M wrote:

Debian won't boot, here's the synopsis of the problem: Most recently the computer began crashing simple programs such as Abiword when attempting to save as well as do other moderate tasks. Up until now, the OS has not given me any trouble (had it for roughly 9 mo). The other night, Debian decided not to boot, and started giving me attitude. The debian load screen comes up, and the OS begins loading linux.bin off of the boot disk i use, it then quits and says that it failed to load the kernel, and it says I must 'switch' disk and retry, or eject the disk and press 'restart'.

The only thing that I have done wrong is accidentally ejecting a disk without unmounting (did this the day be4 the com wouldn't boot). Don't know what OS i have, believe is is ver 2.88 (it's the version which was most recent about 9 mo ago- when i got it). Any help is appreciated thx!

Gut instinct - you have a hardware problem, probably a failing hard drive.


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