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Printing under Sarge is messed up.

Has anyone else had a problem with printing under Sarge recently?

I can not print from Thunderbird, Firefox, Opera, OOO, or a simple editor that I wrote using Python. All of these programs printed fine until three, or four days ago. Thunderbird sends a message to the console saying: "lpr: stdin is empty, so no job has been sent". My editor send the same message. I CAN do 'lp filename', or 'lpr filename' and my printer works just fine, so I know that it is not a problem with the printer, itself, or the cables, connections, etc. I can also print from 'Kate' without problems

I THINK that the problem is with using a pipe to lpr, since 'ls | lpr' does NOT work. Also, I know that my editor program (which does not work) uses 'popen' to open a pipe to lpr.

Does anyone know WHAT broke? I can always downgrade a package, or two, if I know which package is causing the problem.


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