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Re: Problem installing display driver VIA on debian

"Vijaya" <vijaya@picopeta.com> wrote in message
> I have a problem installing the Grpahic driver for the folloiwing
> configuration..
> Chipset -    VIAKM266
>                     VIA VT8235 CE
> Graphics-        Intergrated VIA Unichrome Graphics.
> MotherBoard  -A7V266-MX

You do not say exactly what your problem is, but ...

I just installed sarge with the beta 4 installer onto a
MSI KM2M motherboard using the VIA KM266 chipset

The resolution was limited to 640x480 until I added this in
XF86Config-4 in the "Device" section:

  Option "UseBIOS" "no"

maybe this is a solution for you too.

I found this fix on the archives of the mailinglist
Savage-40 at http://probo.probo.com/pipermail/savage40/


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