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Re: desktop Linux for a debian user?

Silvan wrote:
That's about the worst I've seen breakage wise after some time running (variously) either testing or unstable. Months? Years? I don't remember. I took the plunge sometime after I got into dependency hell trying to install some backport against another backport that didn't like yet some other backport. Keeping up with the scary bleeding edge stuff and occasional broken dependencies is less painful IMHO than trying to keep Woody modern enough to be useful.

Unstable still has really old versions of a number of things, for that matter, even so. Rosegarden is a prime example. Exult is another. Even our bleeding edge stuff isn't always so bloody. But Debian is still the only distro for me. Every time I tinker with something else, I end up saying "Ewwwww, crappy" at least a dozen times. :)

Absolutely true!


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