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Re: desktop Linux for a debian user?

Ignatz Sol wrote:

Knoppix, which is Debian-based, installed to the hard drive? Then as
your skills grow, you'll eventually be able to convert it to pure Debian.


Ah, I didn't know that Knoppix was Debian-based!  Knoppix was the
first Linux that I saw, as I guess it is for many.  That sounds like
it might be a good idea.

You could try Debian unstable.  Works great on my desktop.

I hadn't thought of using unstable.  I'm learning on woody stable,
though I have pulled a few components from backports.org.  What do you
mean "it doesn't break much"?

Thanks for the quick replies!  This is great input for me.

Actually, even though I suggested Knoppix, I like the idea of unstable better; I just thought you had already decided against it for now.


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