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[Fwd: Re: desktop Linux for a debian user?]

Ignatz Sol wrote:
Knoppix, which is Debian-based, installed to the hard drive? Then as
your skills grow, you'll eventually be able to convert it to pure Debian.


Ah, I didn't know that Knoppix was Debian-based! Knoppix was the
first Linux that I saw, as I guess it is for many.  That sounds like
it might be a good idea.

You could try Debian unstable.  Works great on my desktop.

I hadn't thought of using unstable.  I'm learning on woody stable,
though I have pulled a few components from backports.org.  What do you
mean "it doesn't break much"?

Thanks for the quick replies!  This is great input for me.

Woops sorry about previous top posted by mistake

Sometimes I might do an apt-get update and upgrade and my menus will
stop working sort of

I usually check

http://bugs.debian.org to see if any bugs are listed on it.

however I have used unstable on my laptop with kde  for over a year and
it works very well.

when I say breaks they are usually not show stoppers

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