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Re: Changing Default Display Mgr

On Wed, Jun 02, 2004 at 08:06:15PM +0200, J. Preiss wrote:
| > What are you trying to do with kwin?  I don't understand the problem.
| The main problem is, that I only had the choice between xdm and gdm. And I 
| think I want to use kwm, because I think it is the [xyz] manager which is 
| responsible for the login process.
| But, as I looked for kwm (apt-cache), I did not find it, but I found kwin, so 
| I thought... anyway.

Ahh, now I understand.  You are looking for 'kdm'.

| Excuse me, I come from Suse, but I am willing to learn, thats why I'm here.

Sorry, I just didn't quite understand the question.  I was confused by
mixing the terms 'display manager' and 'kwin' without the rest of the
background you provided above.

| Mmmh... ok, lets say: I want to have the same environment as before, means, I 
| want to use the stuff from kde, not from gnome. And thats what I am missing 
| in the installer.

I don't use KDE so I'm not sure, but it is possible that woody's
installer doesn't have any special or automatic support for it.  I
think the new (not-yet-finished) sarge installer does.  At any rate,
other people will be the ones to help you with KDE problems because
I am not familiar enough with it.


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