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Re: Linux on a Windows XP computer?


alex (<radsky@ncia.net>) wrote:

> I could use some recommendations about installing a modem that is
> more suitable for Linux,  an internal  PCI.Hardware version or 
> external (which is preferable,  series or USB?)   I've been under the 
> impression that any external modem will work in Linux but the data for
> some models.omits Linux in their operability list.

Normally, external modems connected to the serial port will work. USB
modems that are ACM compatible work as well. You can however even use
many internal controllerless PCI modems, if you install the (mostly
closed-source) drivers. Go to <http://www.linmodems.org> to learn more
about this.

> I'd like to have audio but it doesn't have to be  super  quality----
> I'm not a music fanatic so the cheapest sound card would be OK as long
> as it works in Linux..

Maybe you should try to get to get a driver for your onboard sound chip.
It is possible that you only need to upgrade the kernel to make it
work, or maybe the manufacturer offers drivers. Using groups.google.com
with the name of the chip or parts of the output of lspci and terms
like "linux module" or "linux driver" probably can give you information
on the status of linux support for your chip. The ALSA project also has
a compatibility list: <http://www.alsa-project.org>

> I've checked Hardware Compatability Lists but they seem  somewhat
> behind the times.

If possible, don't try to look for the device name, try to look for the
chipset name instead. lspci often can tell you this.

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

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