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Re: Doc viewer

On Tuesday 01 June 2004 19:43, s. keeling wrote:
> Incoming from richard lyons:
> > ~/.bashrc and ~/.bash_profile are not read unless I 'source' them
> > manually.  I've never understood why.
> I always wondered that too, but the chickens are beginning to come
> home to roost.  Someone explained the fix for this yesterday in the
> "KDE and PATH" (or somesuch) thread.  See lists.debian.org

My bad.  I skimmed the start of that thread, decided it didn't 
interest me as I don't run kde any more, and skipped it thereafter.

> > -bash: eval export LESSOPEN="/usr/bin/lessfile %s";
> > export LESSCLOSE="/usr/bin/lessfile %s %s";: No such file or
> > directory
> (0) keeling /home/keeling_ file `which lessfile`
> /usr/bin/lessfile: symbolic link to lesspipe
> (0) keeling /home/keeling_ file `which lesspipe`
> /usr/bin/lesspipe: Bourne shell script text executable
> (0) keeling /home/keeling_ dpkg -S lesspipe
> less: /usr/share/man/man1/lesspipe.1.gz
> less: /usr/bin/lesspipe

Yes, I get just the same...

How embarrassing -- I should go to bed at night and do these things in 
the early morning instead -- seems I cut-and-pasted everything, 
including the double quotes round the line
   eval `/usr/bin/lessfile`
in ~/.bashrc. Stands out a mile when you re-open the file.

Sorry all.  Pilot error, again.


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