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Re: Doc viewer

On Tuesday 01 June 2004 17:37, Bas Zoetekouw wrote:
> Paul Scott wrote in linux.debian.user:
> > > Maybe a silly question but nearly all the Debian docs in the
> > > /usr/share/doc tree are in gz format. Is there a viewer that
> > > will allow me to read them without having to decompress them
> > > first?
> >
> >  zless
> Or simply put "eval `/usr/bin/lessfile`" in ~/.bashrc and less will
> be able to read .gz files just fine (and a lot of others too).

That's very neat.  What a nice little tool.  But, on my system, 
~/.bashrc and ~/.bash_profile are not read unless I 'source' them 
manually.  I've never understood why.  

And how strange.  On my laptop (originally a Mepis install) the init 
files _are_ read, but I get an error when I open an XTerm:

-bash: eval export LESSOPEN="/usr/bin/lessfile %s";
export LESSCLOSE="/usr/bin/lessfile %s %s";: No such file or directory

Package 'less' is installed, so I wonder why that is.  Perhaps I 
should touch it?  If so, I'd expect the postinstall to have done it.


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