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Re: Samba LDAP Help

I'm still going through the same hassle you are. Let me tell you, it's not simple at all. webmin-ldap-useradmin helped with some of the setup, but it was only a small step in the right direction. Right now, I'm working on a fork of it that should simplify the backend administration. However, as far as LDAP and Samba configuration, all you should really need to do is specify the ldap options within Samba (passdb backend, ldap admin dn, ldap user dn, ldap group dn, etc--these should all be in various howtos), and use smbpasswd to generate the password for the LDAP admin dn (check smbpasswd --help; there's a flag to do this) and it should be "set up" to do this. However, the tricky part is adding machines, users, and groups easily and transparently, as well as setting up slapd to do indexing on the correct parameters

Stephen Touset <stephen@touset.org>

David.Grudek@anixter.com wrote:

How is debian's samba package configured? Does it come with acl support or LDAP back-end support? How does someone find out what a package was precompiled with. I was reading a web site on how to set tup samba with LDAP and finding a good how to that steps a newbie though how to set up LDAP is hard to find. They mentioned smb-ldap utils where could you find these packages for debian. I did a apt-cache search for smb and LDAP and found no packages that resembled these. I need to get samba with LDAP working but no luck so far. I am running debian sarge. How stable is that. It is a great system. No crashing yet. Far better then redhats fedora or any of these other distro's. Thanks debian guys.

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