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Re: how-to: wine with 256 color depth

> welly hartanto wrote:
> dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86
> Choose 8 bit color.  This will probably mess up the
> colors for some 
> normal X apps.  I'm not sure if you can make
> multiple configuration so 
> that Ctrl-Alt-+ will switch between these modes. 
> With KDE (the only way 
> I know for this at the moment) you can start another
> session where you 
> might be able to run a different X configuration say
> from an individual 
> user instead of root.
> HTH,
> Paul
Thanks, Paul ...
Well ... reconfiguring X <sniff>. Since I'm not using
KDE ( gnome's my favorite however ), maybe the best
way I can do is make another X configuration file that
use only 8 bit color depth and run it by 'xf86cfg
-xf86config anotherxconfigfile'.
But since I've been using NVidia driver, is this good
enough ( in other mean...if I do this ,there won't be
any problem ??? )



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