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usable subnotebook?


i know this might be offtopic, but nevertheless... i am looking out for
some subnotebook to be able to continue work whilst beeing in train,
     wihtout the hassle of transporting a whole notebook with heavy
    and expensive  batteries that won't last long enough...

i tryed some PDA's so far, but i can't work with them.. i need to be
able to display at least 80 columns when editing stuff, i and need
something that can be handled as a real keyboard....

now there are a lot of subnotebooks out there, and i looked through the
pages of linux-laptops, but i can't find a page that makes a comparision
between those computers, and their degree of compatibility with
debian.... cause if it could run some sort of the stock debian, that
would be immensely practical :D

processor power is no issue, what i need is somwthing ligtht, not as
small as a PDA ideally half the size of a normal laptop....

as connectivity i need ethernet and USB
to be able to run the stuff i need at least 128Mb of RAM and the data i
transport amounts to approx 1Gb.... so eventually a small HD would be

and if it could run +10h.... (instead of the 2.5h of my laptop...) or
have a system to hotswap the energysource... 

so if someone has some suggestions, i would take them gladly...

ciao bboett

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