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Re: Best UPS for Linux?

Somebody wrote:
> >I ask the question, "What is the best UPS for Linux."

I recently bought a CyberPower 1500VAR-HO.  It works well with the nut (ups
monitoring package) 'cpsups' driver.  Upstream is OK, but unfortunately the
sid/unstable nut package is a little old and doesn't support this model out
of the box (there is an upgrade wishlist item in the bts).

NOTE, the CyberPower 1500VAR-HO is NOT the CyberPower 1500VAR.  They in
fact use different drivers.  Took me a while to work that one out...stupid
naming schemes...

-- Brad

Brad Sawatzky <bds9e@virginia.edu>
University of Virginia Physics Department
Ph: (434) 924-6580    Fax: (434) 924-7909

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