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Re: non-intentional double mouseclicks

On Monday 31 May 2004 05:25, Ping Wing wrote:
> Hi.
> I have omnibook xe3 laptop + sarge.
> When I click mouse [ I use only external logitech
> optical USB, not tried with touchpad] , quite often
> this one click is treated as two clicks, which result
> that two applications are open, or that mozilla closes
> two tabs, etc... Its pretty annonying.

Are you sure you haven't set KDE to do single clicks? 

In fact, I always have the opposite complaint that gnomish apps always 
want double clicks, so I click once (my preferred setting), wait for 
it open and nothing happens. Just like on other people's windoze 
boxes (to be fair, even 'doze had this configurable last time I 
looked - a while ago now).

I recollect that the KDE setting works about half the time, but some 
apps still want double clicks for some functions - I've never stopped 
to analyse which do what and why.


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