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Re: TMDA and other challenge-response systems considered harmful

Paul Johnson <baloo@ursine.ca> writes:

> Adam Aube <aaube01@baker.edu> writes:
>> Paul Johnson wrote:
>>> Now for anybody else considering challenge-response email systems,
>>> this is why they're considered harmful.
>> How are they any more harmful than autoresponders or list subscription
>> confirmations (like those used by the Debian lists)?
> Those are just as bad...

Auto-responders are pure evil, but I don't think list subscriptions are
in the same boat.  I remember back when lots of stuff required no
confirmations of you email address, and my college roommate thought it
was extremely funny to sign me up for all kinds of random stuff.  Like
m4m dating groups.  It was a little disconcerting (for me, anyway) to
find occasional emails with attached pictures of some guy's erection in
my inbox...

You win again, gravity!

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