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TMDA and other challenge-response systems considered harmful

Spam Interceptor <devnull@si20.com> writes:

> This is Skot Oakley. I am running Spam Interceptor to get rid of
> junk email. Please follow this link to verify that the message you
> sent me isn't junk email.
> http://si20.com/auth?uid=803&mid=20424&sid=debian-user%40lists.debian.org
> Your email was intercepted because it got a spam rating of 5 and I
> set Spam Interceptor to ask everyone who sends me a message rated
> over 2 to authenticate. When you authenticate I'll receive your
> email and you'll never have to authenticate for me again, no matter
> what spam rating your emails get.

Now for anybody else considering challenge-response email systems,
this is why they're considered harmful.

Paul Johnson
Linux.  You can find a worse OS, but it costs more.

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