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Re: OT - trivial programming language

Kai Grossjohann wrote:
> Well, nothing that couldn't be solved with a somewhat wider window.
> Many people like to have windows wider than 80 columns.  (I prefer 80
> columns, myself.)

    And wider paper?  The commonly accepted practice is that code should not
be wider than 80 columns; 78 being about max.  That's why most languages
support splitting of lines with \ or other such constructs.

>>    Thank god it doesn't.  That is the worst possible style since tab is

> Hm?

    How wide is a tab?  The only acceptable answer is "as wide as the user
configures it."  This means mixing tabs and spaces for any reason will
eventually cause problems.

>>It is also because of indention and alignment that I think that
>>people should never, ever, us tabs because there are going to be
>>some schmucks that break the first rule of never changing the tab
>>width in the first place.

> Huh?

    I set tab width to 4, align at 6.  Tab + 2 spaces.  Person sets his tabs
to 8 the line is 10 spaces out, 4 spaces too far.  That's why people insist on
a tab width of 8.  If tabs were immutable like that mixing tabs and spaces
wouldn't be a problem.  It's not so it is.

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