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Re: broken cups in sid

On Saturday 29 May 2004 20:32, Tom Simnett wrote:
> On Saturday 29 May 2004 20:01, richard lyons wrote:
> > Does anyone else have problems with recent cupsys?  Do these errors
> > indicate anything particular I should check?  Is cups really broken
> > now or did I drop the crockery myself? I have googled until I was fed
> > up with french and russian discussions (the one I understand with
> > difficulty, the other not at all) of client-error-bads, but found
> > nothing useful yet.
> I had the same problem. I have just reinstalled my system. I used

Which did the same as yours for some reason, only I get the following under 

An error occurred while loading http://localhost:631/admin:
Connection to host localhost is broken

How strange


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