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broken cups in sid

Anyone else had problems with this?  

I dist-upgraded from sarge to sid abt. three days ago, and lost 
(amongst others) cups.  As far as I could understand, there was a 
conflict between two versions of libcupsys2.  At first, I worried 
that I had either to remove gnumeric or most of kde apps.  So I 
waited a couple of days.  Then I decided to sacrifice gnumeric, and 
try at least to get cups up and running again.  So I removed gnumeric 
and juggled a few versions in the foomatic-gimp-print / libcupsys2 / 
etc until aptitude said nothing was broken, and installed.  Magic! - 
cupsys was up and running, I could log onto localhost:631 and it all 
looked good.  But I cannot print or add a printer or do any admin 
function.  I get "client-error-bad-request" or "client-error-gone" 
for every action.

Does anyone else have problems with recent cupsys?  Do these errors 
indicate anything particular I should check?  Is cups really broken 
now or did I drop the crockery myself? I have googled until I was fed 
up with french and russian discussions (the one I understand with 
difficulty, the other not at all) of client-error-bads, but found 
nothing useful yet.


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