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Re: Moving Package List


From 'man dpkg':
       To make a local copy of the package selection states:
            dpkg --get-selections >myselections

       You might transfer this file to another computer, and install it
       there with:
            dpkg --set-selections <myselections
       Note that this will not actually install or remove anything, but
       just set the selection state on  the  requested  packages.   You
       will  need  some  other  application  to  actually  download and
       install the requested packages.  For example,  run  dselect  and
       choose "Install".


On Fri May 28, 2004 12h57, Sam Halliday wrote:
> hello,
> i know this is probably somthing which is discussed often on the
> list... but i was unable to find anything in the archives, the apt
> FAQ or several google searches... so i'm posting to the list.
> i have a machine running Debian GNU/Linux testing/unstable with a
> package list i am very happy with. i would like to move this
> configuration to another machine which i am performing a fresh
> install on. how can i get a list of all the packages on this system
> and how can i read that info into the new one?
> also... can i keep the aptitude package states? it seems a bit of a
> hack, and cause all kinds of hell if i were to just copy over
> /var/lib/aptitude/pkgstates
> cheers,
> Sam

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