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Re: disks are hot hot hot

On Tue, May 11 at 15:35, Antony Gelberg wrote:
One thing I did notice is that the disks were rather hot, abnormally imo.
The server is hardly stressed, as it's pretty much providing DNS, SMTP,
and IMAP for all of one user!  :)  Motherboard is an ASUS A7N8X.

What I am wondering is, is there some type of power saving mode /
setting that I might have missed, a module perhaps?  Or do these new
fangled disks just run very hot?  I've replaced them with two Samsung
160GB PATAs, and they're quite warm after only an hour or so, but
admittedly they are doing a RAID sync.

FYI, first generation SATA products will run significantly hotter than
current PATA products.

The reason is that when a PATA drive isn't sending data, nothing is
going over the bus, so it isn't drawing any power to signal which
winds up eventually as heat.  However, a SATA drive that doesn't
support SATA bus power modes is continuously signaling at 1.5GHz to
keep a sort of "carrier" signal running over the SATA cable.  This
will warm the PHY ASICs on both side of the cable and generate a lot
of that extra heat.

The 7200 vs 5400 different for heat is there, but isn't a huge
contributor.  As SATA drives mature, they'll actually "power down" the
cable when not transferring data, which should help them use less
power, which translates to less heat.

In the mean time, just be sure to blow some air over them and they
should be fine for years.  (And I would keep a bit of space between


Eric D. Mudama

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