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XMMS, ALSA and Mozilla


Over the past few years I have been a happy Debian user. Life has become
even happier with the release of kernel 2.6. About two weeks ago I
decided to tackle one of the small issues I had with my sound setup.
I have a Soudblaster PCI 128 and the support for it in the 2.6 kernels
is excellent. The card runs ok, sound is of good quality. The issue I
wanted to resolve was the fact that somehow I didn't seem to be able to
use more than one sound source at the same time.
This now has been resolved by using the dmix filter that comes with
ALSA. Playing music with XMMS, getting sound notifications of Gaim and
XChat all at the same time works like a charm.
However one small issue remains. Whenever I play music with XMMS and I
switch workspaces to Mozilla OR (re)load a page in Mozilla, XMMS stops
playing. It doesn't do this all the time however. Anyone ever encoutered
a similar problem?

Greets, Wouter van Reeven


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